The most recent addition to the experimental capabilities of the shock-waves group at ICARE, the miniature high-repetition-rate shock tube was designed and constructed in the framework of the FUN-PM project to overcome the limitations of the conventional techniques. The internal diameter of the ICARE-HRRST driven section is 8 mm while its length is adjustable to meet specific needs (1.2-1.7 meters). Very reproducible reaction conditions can be obtained at rates up to 2 Hz, with observation times ranging between 500 and 700 μs. The facility includes a dry root pumping station, an automated mixing rig, and an electronic control rack. The ICARE-HRRST has been coupled to the double imaging photoelectron/photoion coincidence spectroscopy technique (i2PEPICO) at the beamline DESIRS of the SOLEIL Synchrotron facility. The HRRST/i2PEPICO combination allows to obtain detailed mechanistic and kinetic dats, including mass spectra, photoelectron spectra, and time-resolved species profiles ranging from small radicals to large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.