The facility BS-II is a spherical vessel of 56 liters with 4 optical access quartz windows. It is dedicated to the study of laminar flame properties. The central ignition system can be spark based using 2 tungsten electrodes or laser based using an Nd-YAG laser. High frequency pressure transducer and high-speed imaging are used to monitor the combustion overpressure if any. A gas chromatographer is used to analyze the gaseous reactants and products.

Dimensions :

  • Inner diameter: 473 mm
  • Internal volume: 56 L
  • Optical windows diameter: 100 mm

Pressure / Temperature :

  • 50 bar / 250°C

Operations at this facility began in 2008 for various research projects such as laminar flames, impact of spray, dilution, temperature and pressure on the laminar flame speed and flammability limits.

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